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Privacy Policy

Will have info up very soon.

Terms of Use

Minimum jobs ( two and a half hours ) will require a deposit of $50.00 upon booking A Packing Service prior to the booking date. Jobs booked longer than the minimum ( more than two and a half hours ) will require a deposit of $100. Deposits are nonrefundable if not canceled within 24 hours of booking A Packing Service. Jobs paid for by credit card will require a fee of .5%.

Insurance policy is at the rate of ( .60 cents per pound per article ). The insurance is free. Other terms of insurance are applicable upon inquiry. Mileage fee is at the rate of .30 cents per mile. A double drive time fee from the distance of 30 miles as further is applied. To the destination of any job location. A minimum fee of $150.00 ( the minimum fee for A Packing Service of a two and a half hour minimum ) is applied to all full packing jobs. Provided by A Packing Service.

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